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BinderRings transform workplaces from disorganized disasters to

orderly, productive places to learn, develop ideas and do business!

How to hang BinderRings storage units

  • Hang each binder and its vinyl-protected contents on nearby metal file cabinets or other metal surfaces.


  • Use solid metal surfaces for best results, allowing our magnetic binders to hold securely without wavering or moving.

Use our magnetized hanging binders and vinyl sheet protectors to:

  • Communicate classroom or office procedures.

  • Outline responsibilities and expectations.

  • Display safety instructions for emergencies like fires or storms.

  • Keep standard operating procedures (SOPs) in sight for everyone’s use.

  • Store important documents safely, protected from damage or loss.

  • Hold office or school records in easy-to-locate, labeled binders.

Equip school or business sites with our mobile dry-erase boards.

Every office, classroom, meeting room, business or school building needs at least one mobile dry-erase board.


To suit your needs, BinderRings carries two different styles:



Both Aluminum and Pipe-and-Joint displays allow students or staff to work in small groups to:


  • Record ideas, suggestions, and important notes.

  • Illustrate complex problems, situations or projects.

  • Outline steps in solving problems together.

  • Put plans into a sequence by date, steps or goals.


Enjoy classroom advantages of portable dry-erase boards.


Schools, colleges and universities rely on our portable dry-erase boards.


  • Classroom teachers and college professors can share mobile dry-erase boards, rolling them from room to room.


  • School leaders often encourage collaborative learning by providing each classroom with several dry-erase boards for small group discussion and idea sharing.

Our dry-erase boards are:

  • Portable or permanent.

  • The right medium to motivate staff or students to start working.

  • Perfect for getting the attention of everyone entering a room.

  • Great for color coordinating to convey lessons or assignments.

  • Eye-catching places to post important notes and warm-up tasks.

  • Dust-free and easy-to-care-for classroom or office message boards.

  • Changeable signs to mark locations or provide directions for people.

Put portable dry-erase boards to work for you.  Business operations of all kinds benefit from mobile dry-erase boards by using them to:

  • Demonstrate products and services for customers.

  • Train staff with technical “how-to” illustrations

  • Record input or feedback at staff meetings.

  • Use as visual planning boards.

Bulk order our dry-erase boards and save $$$

Our dry-erase boards are the preferred medium for messages, board work, training and communicating at schools, colleges, business offices, nonprofit agencies and manufacturing plants.


Our customers often bulk order multiple items to cut down on costs. Most use our dry-erase boards in a variety of ways, including to:

  • Replace traditional, dusty chalkboards in classrooms or meeting rooms.

  • Encourage visualization in planning or project development.

  • Foster small group discussions.

  • Illustrate the best ideas and complex subjects.

Check Out Our Accessories

  • Pen or Chalk Trays

    • Pen or chalk trays are available for purchase for BinderRings dry-erase boards.

    • Each tray holds a supply of dry-erase pens with enough room to hold a variety of hues for color-coding messages on your board.

  • Pin Magnets

    • There’s no need to poke holes into walls or woodwork when you keep a supply of BinderRings’ pin magnets in your classroom, office or work area.

    • These small, magnetized pegs work like refrigerator magnets for displaying artwork, samples, notices and more.

  • Job Ticket Holders

    • Keep job order tickets clean and readable with our vinyl job ticket holders.

    • Avoid sweat blurring no matter how many hands touch job tickets during a day at the office or plant.

    • Use our job ticket holders in classrooms as a unique mode for giving assignments to students the way it’s done in the working world.

Once customers try our binders and vinyl page protector systems, they often:

  • Find more and more uses for our magnetic binder rings and vinyl protector sheets.


  • Fill existing binders to capacity and need more storage space.


  • Equip individual students or staff with their own supply.


  • Keep a binder for each customer to track sales, preferences, purchasing patterns and more.

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